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George Palkin

Graphic designer specializing in: website design

Cortex Galaxy website design and animation case
Cortex Galaxy
Website Design & Animation

About Me

Hello, world! My name is George, I am a Graphic Designer specializing in UI/UX Design of Websites, Mobile Apps and Social Network.

Since childhood I have been interested in graphics, when my uncle first showed me his work, he made websites. After that, I set a goal to get skills in this area, because I was very interested when I first saw how it was done.

Initially, I started with simple YouTube banners and profile pictures for myself, then I created a social media profile to offer 10 free designs for people who will leave a review after it is done. And I did it, I created my first 10 works for different people in different fields. Then, my skills started to grow, I started offering my services in the field of design for a small price.

Receiving positive feedback, I continued to improve and explore new areas of activity. That's how I came to Web Design. At the moment I am improving in various fields, such as Web Design, Mobile App Design, Prototyping, Social Network Design, Interface Animation, 3D, Webflow and Tilda Development.
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